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Pigeons in Islam : Have they not seen the birds above them, as they draw in their wings, having spread them-the Benevolent One alone holds them up, observing everything. (67:19) Don’t you see all creatures in the skies and on the earth glorify Allah, even the birds on the wing? Each ones knows its prayer, and its manner of praise. And Allah is fully cognizant of what they are doing. (24:41) There is no animal on the earth, nor yet a bird on the wing, but forms communities like you. We have not neglected anything in the Book; and they […]


Aye logo! Tum Islaam Qubool karlo

Hazrath ANAS Raziallahuanhu farmate hai HUZOOR E PAAK  ﷺ se jo bhi cheez maangi gayi AAP ne Ataa farmadi, Ek saheb Aapki qidmat babarkat me hazir hue , Aap ne unhe do pahadon ke darmiyaan ki saari bakriyan ataa farmayi, Wo apne qabile me wapas hue aur unse kehne lage: Aye logo! Tum Islaam Qubool karlo: Kyun ke HAZRATH SYEDUNA MOHAMMED MUSTAFA Sallallahu alaihi wasallam is qadar ataa farmate hain ke faaqe ka qouf nahi rehta. (Sahih Muslim,vol:2,pg:253) Tags : hadis nabi muhammad saw, nabi muhammad saw,prophet muhammad saw Related Link: Islam and Bestiality

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