The Zakaat of the body is fasting

Some benefits of fasting as mentioned by the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) The Holy Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ )  said: Every good deed of the progeny of Adam is given a reward of 10-fold to 700-fold, but the fast is such that Allah Most High says: Fast is for Me and I only will give its reward. A worshiper stays away from his or her desires and abandons eating and drinking for My sake. Maulana Bahr Ul Uloom writes in Arkan that all the people of spiritual insight are in agreement that fasting is especially for Allah Most High […]


Dua – Yeh Dua bahot pyari hai

Yeh Dua bahot pyari hai, isko sukun se padho aur dil me ameen kaho aur iss msg ko aage forward karo, ho sakta hai ke doosre logo ki ameen se apni dua kabool ho jaye (ameen) ⚡ Ae Allah rabbul Izzat, Ae saari kainaat ke shehanshah, Ae saari makhlooq ke paalne waale, Ae zindagi aur maut ka faisla karne waale, Ae aasmano aur zameeno ke maalik, Ae pahadon aur samundaron ke maalik, Ae insaaon aur jinnaton ke maabood, Ae arsh-e-aazam ke maalik, Ae farishton ke maabood, Ae izzat aur zillat ke maalik, Ae bimariyon ko shifa dene waale, Ae baadshahon […]

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