Sunnahs of Sleeping

Sunnats of Sleeping

It is sunnah to sleep immediately after the Esha Salaah. Before going to sleep, discuss with one’s family members matters pertaining to Deen. (whether it is in the form of reading some Islamic Books or narrating some incidents of Sahaabah etc.) To sleep in the state of wudhu. To brush the teeth with a miswaak. One should change into some other clothes (e.g. pyjamas) before going to sleep. To apply surmah in both the eyes. Dust the bed thrice before retiring to bed. To sleep on the right hand side. To sleep with the right palm under the right cheek […]

6 Sunnahs of Drinking Water

Sunnats of Drinking

Recite “Bismillah” before drinking. A Muslim should drink with the right hand. Shaytaan drinks with the left hand. Sit and drink. Do not drink directly from the jug or bottle. One should pour the contents into a glass first and then drink. Drink in 3 breaths (sips), removing the utensil from the mouth after each sip. After drinking say “Alhamdulillah”.

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