Imam Hussain (radiyallahu 'anhu)

Incidents after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain Razi Allah Tala Anhu

Some incidents after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (May Allah be well pleased with him) The sky became red Translation: Hadhrat ‘Ali bin Mashar narrates on the authority of his grandmother who said: In the era of Imam Hussain (رضي الله عنه), I was a young girl. In that time, the sky become like congealed blood for many days. (Dalaail Un Nubuwwah, Hadith No. 2812) Allah’s displeasure and anger was expressed in many ways. That the sky became blood-red is also mentioned. Similarly, it is established through many Traditions that the sky became red. When human beings get angry their […]

Imam Hussain razi allah tala anhu

Ya Hussain Razi Allah Tala Anhu!

Yom E Shahadat Hazrat Imam Hussain Razi ALLAH Tala Anhu Imam Hussain Razi ALLAHU Anhu Tarsi Hui Nigahon se Apni Madad Karne walon ko nahi dhund rahe the’ wo Apne Nana Ka Kalma padhne waali Us Ummat ko Dekh Rahe the Jo Aaj Unhi Ka Katal Karne aaye the’ Mere Hussain To Us Waqt be Unhe Bachana Chahte the, wo Unka Haale Mehshar dekh rahe the’ Islye Unhe Tarsi hui Nighahon se dekh rahe the.. Or Yazidi Foj To Khud Dari Hui Thi Imam Hussain Se’ wo Log Jante The Imam Hussain Ki Taqat ko, bewakuf nai the jo 72 ke Samne […]

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