1. The day on which Almighty Allah will destroy the universe and resuscitate the deads and examine their good and bad deeds is called doomsday (Qayamat) 2. The day of resurrection (Qayamat) is inevitable. 3. All the signs of the doomsday which are shown by the Almighty Allah and His holy messenger will entirely take place e.g. appearance of Imam Mahdi (A.S.), coming out of the one eyed ‘Dajjal’, Eisa Alaihis Salam (Jesus) will descend from the Heavens and kill the ‘Dajjal’, Gog and Megog (Yajuj and Majuj) (a powerful creature) comes out and will be killed by the wrath […]



BELIEF IN THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT (There are two periods of the hereafter world one from death to the doomsday and the second from the doomsday till eternity The first period is called ‘Alam-e-Barzaq’ and the second is called Hashar and Abad) There are following items under this heading: 1 Interrogation(That which happens in the grave. Grave means purgatory period (alam-e-Barzaq) because the day of judgement begins with the grave for the dead therefore this has been included under the heading. The day of judgement) by the ‘Munkir, Nakeer’ (angels). 2 The day of judgement (Doomsday). 3 Balance (Meezan). 4 […]

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