Imam Sakhaawi ‘Alaihir Rahmah reports on the authority of Shaikh Majeeduddin Firozaabaadi with an authentic chain of narrators. Imam Samarqandi Rehmatullahe Ta’ala ‘Alaih reports that, “I heard from Khizr and Hazrat Ilyas ‘Alaihimus Salaam, they used to say that they heard Rasool Allah Sallallaho ‘Alaihi Wasallam say, ‘The person who recites ‘Sallallaho ‘Alaa Muhammad’, people will make that person their friend, even if they hate him. By Allah! People will not make that person their friend until Allah Ta’ala makes him His friend’ and we heard Rasool Allah Sallallaho ‘Alaihi Wasallam say on the pulpit, ‘The person who recites ‘Sallallaho […]

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