Quran Revelation

Beautiful Facts about Quran revelation with Questions and Answers

1) What is the meaning of the word “Qur’an” ? A) That which is Read. 2) Where was the Qur’an revealed first ? A) In the cave of Hira (Makkah) 3) On which night was the Qur’an first revealed ? A) Lailatul-Qadr (Night of the Power) —————————- —————————- 4) Who revealed the Qur’an? A) Allah revealed the Qur’an 5) Through whom was the Qur’an revealed? A) Through Angel Jibraeel (Alaihis-Salaam) 6) To whom was the Qur’an revealed? A) To the last Prophet,  Muhammed (SallahuAlaihi Wasallam). 7) Who took the. responsibility of keeping the Qur’an safe? A) Allah himself. —————————- —————————- […]

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