Surah Kahaf ke Fazael

Surah Kahaf ke Fazael Surah Al Ka’haf ki tilawat ke waqt Sakina ka nuzool Hazrath Barra Azeb Razi Allahu Taala Anha se rivayat hai, farmaya ke Ek Shaqs Surah Al Ka’haf pad raha tha aur us ke paas do rassiyau main ek ghoda bandha hua tha, pus us shaqs ko baadal ne dhaanph diya pas woh us ke qareeb tar hogaya. Pas uska ghooda badhakne laga, pas jab subah ki toh Huzoor ﷺ ke paas ae aur yeh waqya zikar kiya, pus Huzoor ﷺ ne Irshaad farmaya ke woh Sakina tha jo Qur’aan ki tilawat ke ba-aas nazil hua (Bukhari […]


Allah Subha na Taala in apne Habeeb ﷺ ko tamaam Nabiyoun ka sardar banakar

Allah Subha na Taala in apne Habeeb ﷺ ko tamaam Nabiyoun ka sardar banakar us par char daang aalim main jalwagar farmaya, Aap ﷺ hi ki mubarak hasti ko qatm Nabuwat ka taj pahnaya, ab koi Nabi Ya Rasool aane wale nahi, Aap ﷺ hi ki Risalat wo Nabuwat qaym rahegi. Allah Taala deen Islam ki Tableegh wo Tajdeed ke liye, ahkaam Deen ko pehlane aur Sunnatau ko zinda karne ke liye Huzoor Akram ﷺ ki ummat main aisa ulmai Rabbaniyn wa Daeyan Islam, Mujaddene Asr wa Fuqha-e-Aalaam paida farmata raha jin hone Islami talimaat aam kiy, Usne aise nafoos […]

Prophet MUHAMMAD (saw)


BRIEF BIOGRAPHY(It is incumbent on every muslim to know it therefore brief features are explained here) OF THE HOLY PROPHET (that means virtuous and auspicious life sketch of Rasool-e-kareem) (ﷺ) 1۔ His Spirit was created at first and appeared in the last. 2 He was born on Monday 12th Rabiul Awwal(Fifty Three years before the invent of Hijra calendar) in Makkah at dawn some fifteen hundred years back(According to the famous version). 3 He hails from Quresh Family and descendant of the prophet Hazrat Ismail (A.S.) 4 The names of his immediate ancestors upto four generations are as follows:-(they are […]


Imam Sakhaawi ‘Alaihir Rahmah reports on the authority of Shaikh Majeeduddin Firozaabaadi with an authentic chain of narrators. Imam Samarqandi Rehmatullahe Ta’ala ‘Alaih reports that, “I heard from Khizr and Hazrat Ilyas ‘Alaihimus Salaam, they used to say that they heard Rasool Allah Sallallaho ‘Alaihi Wasallam say, ‘The person who recites ‘Sallallaho ‘Alaa Muhammad’, people will make that person their friend, even if they hate him. By Allah! People will not make that person their friend until Allah Ta’ala makes him His friend’ and we heard Rasool Allah Sallallaho ‘Alaihi Wasallam say on the pulpit, ‘The person who recites ‘Sallallaho […]


DESCRIPTION OF BELIEF IN ANGELS – وملا ئکتھ 1. The angels are the obedient creatures of the Almighty Allah 2. The Almighty Allah has created them from the divine light. 3. They are present(They are innumerable and unaccountable except Allah no one knows their numbers It has come in the Hadith that the entire creature is ten fold. Out of them nine parts comprise of angels and the remaining one comprises of the entire creature) (spread in the sky and earth) but they are invisible 4. They are innocent and no sins are committed by them. 5. They are free […]

Belief (Imaan) and Surrender (Islam).

It is to be made clear that for the human beings – EMAAN

It is to be made clear that for the humanbeings, in this world, the greatest bounty of Almighty Allah is belief (Eimaan) and surrender (Islam) because due to it there is in this world prosperity, grace and benefit including welfare. In the hereafter also forgiveness and salvation culminating into happiness and eternal comfort. In other words there is welfare in this world and in the hereafter attached to Belief (Imaan) and Surrender (Islam). Hence it is compulsory for each matured and balanced man and woman to know the doctrine of Imaan and Islam, get acquainted with the principles and then […]

Some of Those People Who’s Duas Are Readily Accepted

Some of Those People Who’s Duas Are Readily Accepted 1. The Saaliheen (pious). 2. The du’a of the parents. 3. Similarly, the du’a of those children, who are obedient to their parents. 4. The du’a of the oppressed. 5. The du’a of a person in some difficulty. The du’a of a traveler. Impediments To Duas Being Accepted 1. Abstain from haraam food, drink and clothing. If you are involved in this activity then make sincere taubah prior to engaging in du’a and resolve to leave this sin. 2. Whilst making du’a one should not gaze towards the sky.

Etiquettes of Du’ a

Etiquettes of Du’ a By: Muhyus Sunnah Hahrat Moulana Abrarul Haq Saahib (RA) To be clean, in the state of wudhu and to face the Qiblah. To keep both hands in front of the chest. To keep a slight gap between the hands. To make du’a silently (as in thana) with sincerity and focus. To have the conviction in the heart that, Insha Allah, my du’a will certainly be accepted. To praise Allah Ta’ala and to recite Durood Shareef in the beginning and end of the duas. To pass the hands over the face after the du’a.

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