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3 Persons whom Allah will not look

Narrated by Abu Huraira Allah’s Apostle said, “There are three persons whom Allah will not look at on the Day of Resurrection, nor will he purify them and theirs shall be a severe punishment. They are : 1. A man possessed superfluous water, on a way and he withheld it from travelers. 2. A man who gave a pledge of allegiance to a ruler and he gave it only for worldly benefits. If the ruler gives him something he gets satisfied, and if the ruler withholds something from him, he gets dissatisfied. 3. And man displayed his goods for sale […]

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O Allah’s Apostle !

About Distributing Water : A tumbler (full of milk or water) was (conveyed) brought to the Prophet who drank from it, while on his right side there was sitting a boy who was the youngest of those who were present and on his left side there were old men. The Prophet asked, “O boy, will you allow me to give it (i.e. the rest of the drink) to the old men?” The boy said, “O Allah’s Apostle ﷺ ! I will not give preference to anybody over me to drink the rest of it from which you have drunk.” So, the […]

Hazrath Jibreel Alaihissalaam ne arz kiya

Hazrath Jibreel Alaihissalaam ne arz kiya

NABI E KAREEM ﷺ ne ek martaba Hazrath Jibreel Ameen se farmaya ke Jibreel zara ye to batou ke tumhari Umar kitni hai? Hazrath Jibreel Alaihissalaam ne arz kiya: Aqa meri Umar ka to mujhe andaza nahi likin itna yaad hai ke, (saari kayenaat ke paida hone se pehle ALLAH TAALA ke hijabaat e Azmath me se ) 4 the parda e Azmat me ek Norani Sitara chamka karta tha, Aur wo sitara 70 Hazaar saal ke baad ek martaba chamkta hai, AQA main ne apni zindagi me wo NORANI SITARA 72 Hazaar martaba dekha hai, HUZOOR E AKRAM ﷺ (muskurate hue […]

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