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Great Womens of Islam

Hadhrat Umme Haroon (May Allah be well pleased with her) She was among those admirers/worshippers who were enormously aware of Allah Most High. She would have just bread (Roti). She said that she would feel comfort just when night came. When day dawned, she would be miserable. She would spend the entire night in love. When, she ventured out her home and somebody shout out: Catch her! She fainted. For 20 years, she didn’t apply any oil to her head. At whatever point she would unbraid her hair, she would find them to be more beautiful than the hair of […]

Rabi ul Akhir

Rabi ul Akhir

Rabi al Thani also known as Rabi-ul-Akhir is the fourth month of the Islamic calendar. The literal meaning of this month means “the second spring”. This very month, on the 11th, is the death anniversary of the King of Baghdad, Chief of the contented souls, the incomparable, Huzoor Ghaus-ul-Azam, Shaikh Sayyiduna Mohiuddin, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Hassani Hussaini, Baghdadi (May Allah be pleased with him). The meaning of the word rabi ul akhir :- The second month of spring. There is a Hadith of Hazrat Anas bin Malik (May Allah be pleased with him): “Oh Messenger of Allah, when we give charity on behalf […]

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