Khasaais Al-Kubra : Imaam Jalal-ud-din Suyuti 1/12 Taareekh Damishq : Ibn Asakir 23/281

Narrated by Sayyidina Kaab Al-Ahbaar radi Allahu anhu : Hazrat Aadam told (his sons), “Whenever you make zikr of Allah, make zikr of the name ‘Muhammadﷺ’ as well. Verily, I found this name written on the Arsh when I was between Ruh and body. I roamed all the skies and found no place where this name was not written. I saw it written on the necks of Hoors, on the palaces of Jannah, on the trees of Jannah, on the leaves of Sidratul Muntaha, on the eyes of courtiers and between the eyes of angels. Make a remembrance of this […]

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