Muzabana And Muhaqala

Abu Huraira Narrated  The Prophet Mohammed ﷺ  allowed the sale of the dates of the ‘Araya for ready dates by assessing the previous which should be estimated as less than five Awsuq or five Awsuq. (Dawud, the sub-narrator is not sure as to the right amount.) Sahih bukhari : Volume 3, Book 40, Number 568 Narrated by Rafi ‘bin Khadij and Sahl bin Al Hathma : Allah’s Apostle Mohammed ﷺ forbade the sale of Muzabana, i.e. selling of fruits for fruits, except in the case of ‘Araya (from the direct exchange of one kind); he allowed the owners of ‘Araya such kind of sale.  Sahih […]

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